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Nov 6, 2012 10:00pm PST
's allabout the other >> we're watching sel states across the bay >> these are coming out of san jose as well as richmond. roseher rer ra is losing badly at this point. 15% to 55% to jimmywin. a lot of money has beenspent on that race to unsee her rer ra. also the measure d,ragz it from 8 to 10 dollar an hour, it is winning from 57% to 33%. we also have the very conten shs soda tax in richmond. it would add a penny per ounce on sugar ri beverages. it islosing 48% to 32% >> fill, we're still under 32% with polls closed now for two hours. let's talk about measured first of all. >> this is one that's kind of up in the air. it's not settled >> it's an interesting one. that was actually owned by a group of students owned by a civics party at the college tlchlt it was popular. theycaught on and worked hard on it, and it's somebody else's money. let's be honest. as opposed tolet's say rich movenltd the sugar tax there, the idea of increasing a penny an ounls of sweet drinks to fight obesity. that's cut the beverage industry and grocers. they put in $22million to support that. theyare afraid sugar is
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1